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Acupuncture Session
Neck and back pain

I tried several Chinese doctors before I found  Dr. Susanna Shen and have been staying with her ever since.  Every time I don't feel well, especially when I had neck pain or back pain, she is the one I go to.  Not only her diagnosis and treatments were so effective, but also she is very knowledgeable and extremely friendly.  She is always so patient and tries her best to help every way she can: accupuncture, massage, medication, advice on diet, etc.  It has always been a pleasure to visit her, after coming out of her office, I felt much better both physically and emotionally. 

-- Anita W


Susanna is an amazing acupuncturist. She is calm, methodical and has a nice demeanor. The office is clean and she goes the extra mile to accommodate you based on your schedule. Highly recommend her place!

-- S. B.

Dr Susanna Shen is amazing. I highly recommend her. Best TCM doctor you can find.

-- Gabriele L

Hip pain

I have been suffering from hip pain for over 18 months. From my first acupuncture treatment, the pain has been significantly reduced. Dr. Shen is very experienced and knowledgeable. I can’t say enough good things!”


-- Rose H

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